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Day Fourteen.

Susan bothered me about fixing her computer again today. Guess I should really get on that. And check out this weird conversation we had over work chat:

Mon 11:29 AM SueB29: What do u mean cheese?

Mon 11:29 AM AManIsMorissette: Never mind it was a joke

Mon 11:29 AM SueB29: Your so funny chuck

Mon 11:30 AM AManIsMorissette: thank you, but I found that joke on my facebook feed

Mon 11:31 AM SueB29: Wanna bang?

Mon 11:32 AM(AManIsMorissette has signed off)

That’s right: I didn’t respond. But I’m an idiot because I still saw Susan around the office twice after her invite; after all, we work in the same building. And sit next to each other. And we eat lunch together.

Anyways, I think she wants to bang. Guess I should really get on that. But she’s like, 30 years older than me. It’s an opportunity some people would tell me not to pass up but I’ve got Katy— even if she is 3,000 miles away.

I mean…nah.